February 12, 2011

We’re a little slow getting you bumpdates these days. But to be honest, we’re a little slow getting out of bed these days.  Not much has slowed since the last post, but I at least wanted to pause long enough to get you the bumpdates from weeks 32 and 34 [Ams had a kidney stone during the 33rd week so we didn’t take pictures].

January 16, 2011

Well. A lot has happened in the week or so that we’ve been home. We’ve had Christmas... several times. We’ve had our teeth cleaned. We’ve hit the 30 week mark. We’ve been overwhelmed by Wal-Mart. We’ve spent half a day at the doctor’s office. And we’ve seen 4D images or our little girl! 
Elsy Kate will be here before we know it. Amberley is feeling great. And even though you wouldn’t know by the looks of her mommy, Elsy is apparently pretty big.
Ams’ brother has gotten pretty handy with a camera in our absence. So, last week he took some time to photograph our little family. Take a look at his handy work below, and check out his website when you're done.